Why do you need a prostate massage?

Purpose of performing prostate massage
Prostate massage is performed for the purpose of diagnosis or treatment.

Diagnostics: With the help of massage, the secretion of the prostate gland is taken for examination. Having studied the material obtained, the doctor determines the presence and degree of development of the inflammatory process.
Treatment: Massage is necessary to drain the prostate gland, improve blood microcirculation and reduce spasm of the pelvic floor muscles.

Prostate massage has draining properties, with its help the doctor “squeezes” the secret from the gland. One of the indications for massage is chronic prostatitis, and one of the main causes of the inflammatory process is stagnation of thick secretions.

Semen is 95% secretion and seminal vesicles. It is an ideal “shell” for sperm, which supplies them with all the necessary nutrients, protects from the external acidic environment of the vagina and allows them to remain viable in the uterine cavity for up to 5 days.
A stagnant secret is a favorable environment for bacteria that can enter the prostate gland, multiply there with great comfort and provoke inflammation.
Prostate massage is most often performed in combination with antibiotic therapy. Improving microcirculation (accelerating the outflow of venous blood and arterial inflow) contributes to a more active entry of the antibiotic into the tissue of the prostate gland.

How is prostate massage performed?

Prostate massage should be performed by a urologist. In theory, it is possible to learn how to do prostate massage on your own or educate a loved one. However, the procedure has a number of technical features and contraindications, the presence of which can only be judged by a doctor.

The procedure takes place in the doctor’s office. The patient is positioned on the couch, resting on the elbows and knees to provide better access. The urologist works with gloves, lubricates the index finger with petroleum jelly or gel and performs a finger massage.

The procedure takes a few minutes. The sensations are often unpleasant, in some cases very painful. Also, patients have an urge to urinate. Each patient undergoes this type of manipulation individually.
In the treatment of prostatitis, 5 to 12 massage sessions are prescribed. As a rule, relief comes after the third session.

It is recommended to refrain from ejaculation 2-4 days before the procedure. This increases the likelihood of obtaining a secret for research. The longer the abstinence period lasts, the faster the doctor will receive the material.
Before visiting a doctor, it is necessary to take a shower and wash the glans of the penis so that other flora does not get into the secret when taking fluid for analysis.
Immediately before the procedure, you need to empty the bladder, then the urge to urinate during the manipulations will not be so pronounced.
Acute inflammation (acute prostatitis);
Cancer, tuberculosis of the prostate gland;
Acute urinary retention;
Proctological pathologies (hemorrhoids, anal fissures);
Benign hyperplasia (adenoma) is a relative contraindication.
The decision to perform prostate massage and its expediency can only be made by a urologist, assessing the indications, contraindications and the overall clinical picture.